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Our Car scents are on a clip, so they will clip to your vent. 

When you recieve your clip

take out of box

- unscrew wooden lid

-carefully take out plastic plug

- pop the clip on

-screw on the wooden lid (Not too tight, as the container is glass, sometimes the wooden lid wont sit flush straight with the glass container, but thats fine, it can be ever so slightly loose,

-pop in the 2 reeds, and clip onto your vents. 


place in the side of the car that gets the most sun, or that has the most air coming from the vents for a stronger scent..


car scents are a subtle way of introducing scent into your car, if you want a real punch, then try combining the car scent with our room sprays which you can use on your cars seats.

Snow Angel Car Scent

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